Private / At Home Services

The Maternal and Child Health Nurses Agency (MCHNA) recognises the importance of the ongoing relationship between the family and the community Maternal and Child Health Nurse.

Occasionally extra help and support is required to assist families who are experiencing difficulties.

MCHNA can provide families with an experienced nurse for a half or full day placements.

Some overnight stays can be negotiated.

MCHNA staff are skilled in assessing the needs of the family and working with them to help reach their goals and gain confidence in their role as a parent.

MCHNA staff have expertise in many areas including:

  • Health and well being of both the mother and child

  • Care of the newborn

  • Lactation / breast feeding problems

  • Care of unsettled babies

  • Sleep and settling problems

  • Introducing food to your baby

  • Eating problems/ food refusal

  • Behaviour issues/ tantrums

  • Toilet training difficulties

The birth of a new baby brings great excitement but also great change. It can be an exhausting and stressful time for families. The Maternal and Child Health Nurse is recognised as one of the most important people in assisting families with the transition to parenthood.



Anyone can refer families to this service:

  • Maternal and Child Health Nurses

  • General Practioners

  • Paediatricians

  • Early Parenting Centres

  • Self referral